Thursday, March 30, 2017

Q's and A's

I want a thing where you can get the game on the blog. So, it's a thing where you really want the game so bad that you're going to explode. And so your parents won't let you get the game, you want it so bad, and then you see the game. And then you see the button on the screen, below the app icon, and it says "FREE". You get the game tell your parents about, and you're done. Yippie!

So, what makes kids and parents agree that a game is a good thing to play?

The answer is (drumroll please): that it has facts about the main subject of the game. We can learn about the animals while we play. For example, the game Animal Jam--Play Wild! has facts about animals, and as you can guess, the game is about animals.

I would include: An Irish story had many stories, but they always included Sarph, a sea serpent.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

here are the animals you can feed

Here are the animals you can feed.  If you notice, they all have flavors.  I like food.

2017_02_26_17_54_55 by dpreston1441 on Scribd

my ideas for my game

I've been planning my app, which you can think of as a game.

First, you need to make a profile and account. You cannot change these, so make them good. Then you need to make a house and stable. The stable will expand when you get more pets. When you get a pet, the colors will depend on the name. If you don't like the name the computer gives you, then you can press the change button. The pets that you can get are: Sea Serpents, Dragons, Pegasi, and Unicorns.

Here are my original notes:

2017_02_26_17_54_13 by dpreston1441 on Scribd

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome to my blog

Have you ever been curious?  I am very curious.

I was curious about this--I love video games and so I wanted to make my own.

So I started to make my own.

It was really fun. I love making this video game so much! It is going to be awesome!